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Wedding Coordinator Tips

The wedding of your dreams - YOU HOPE
11 months to the big day!

With the announcement of your engagement to friends family now done, the realities of planning a wedding hit you. Your stomach starts to churn with anxiety and excitement. So much to get done! But you have faith in yourself, you know what you want and you hope it wont cost that much more than you can actually afford.

8 months to the big day!

Well the venue is booked… You hope (They said they will be in touch to confirm but you haven't heard from them yet). The groom's mom insisted on organising the cake and she also insisted on having 5 tiers (you only want 50 people at the wedding!) You still haven't found the photographer who you feel will really capture the day how you want it. Your now looking at the photographers that cost a little bit more than anticipated.

6 months to the big day!

You've seen the dress of you dreams (although its slightly more expensive than you would have liked). You've chosen the colour scheme for the décor, your plan for the table centrepieces is coming together but that damn florist keeps changing her mind about what flowers she will actually use. You originally wanted white tulips in a small tight bouquet. You now seem to be having white roses and some other flowers she mentioned... Well she is the florist so she should know what would look nice. (You hope)

2 months to the big day!

90 percent of your organising is done (yippee) but it hasn't been an easy road. The groom and yourself have had countless arguments over a variety of topics from money to your future mother in law. To top it all you have had to book the honeymoon cos the groom has been really busy at work. BUSY BUSY!?! You've had to go to work all week, cook and clean the damn house when you get home AND organise a wedding as well. He's been no help whatsoever!

The big day!

Well all in all a good day. Though you cannot believe the audacity of some people. They do not RSVP and yet they still show up (with unwanted guests) so now that's extra costs on the catering. No one was too sure which speech came when and your mother in law is swanning around telling everyone how hard she worked on the wedding. At the moment you are past caring. Various people are coming up to you saying we haven't got enough champagne the beer is nearly finished and its only 5pm. All you wanna do is get some sleep but you have to keep smiling.
You begin to dismay at not having looked more into getting a wedding coordinator how many of these problems could have been avoided?

Many people do not appreciate how useful a coordinator can be until its really too late. There is a stigma attached to the idea of having a wedding coordinator.

  • Its only a Hollywood fad - Wedding coordinators are a thriving business in the US and have been there long before Jennifer Lopez or Steve Martin Came along. They started out by catering to the more wealthy class of clients but now anyone in America will have a coordinator if they choose to.
  • It is an extra cost on top of your existing costs - Many coordinators have countless numbers of suppliers that they work with. They know what should cost what. If your wedding budget is a maximum of £10,000 then their costs will be included in that budget and not more. In some cases you may find they are even able to get you better deals than you budgeted for from suppliers.
  • Its only for rich people - Wedding coordinators work to Your budget not theirs. Rich people can afford to hold a more expensive affair if they wish but many coordinators cater to people who have a reason as to why they cannot organise their own wedding.

    Many people are too busy in this day and age but they still would like their wedding to be the talk of the year even on a smaller budget. Some people really lack the imagination to make their wedding a truly memorable affair. Not everyone was born to produce the best parties around. But those who were become coordinators. Utilise their skills.

written by Tanya Loryman. Email Tanya at tanya@blackweddings.co.uk If you would like to hire the wedding co-ordinator, please contact her on 01403 782673.

Date added: 06 August 2012

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