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12 Ideas for Your Autumn Wedding

12 Ideas for Your Autumn Wedding - Written by Maureen Burns, Courtesy of FeatureSource

(FeatureSource) Cool air, golden leaves, and the harvest: for many, autumn is a time of change and celebration. For those planning to ring in this fall with wedding bells, now's the time to start looking for ways to make the ceremony a unique affair, says Becky Long, author of "Something Old, Something New" (Meadowbrook Press).

"He's popped the question and now it's time to start planning the rest of the fairy tale: your wedding day," says Long. Here, she offers some creative tips to help you reap the benefits of a fall harvest wedding.

* Design invitations in the shape of a leaf or have leaves embossed onto invitation envelopes.

* Decorate your church or reception facility with teepees of corn surrounded by gourds of all shapes and sizes to create an autumn scene. Add lots of mums and apples spilling from bushel baskets.

* For your guest book or buffet table, create a leaf design on your tablecloth. (To make: Dip a real leaf or a leaf-shaped sponge into fabric paint. Press the paint- coated side of the leaf onto the tablecloth and remove without smudging for a special effect.)

* Tablecloths in a rainbow of autumn hues will splatter dimensions of color throughout the dining room while cornucopias overflow with various breads. Use hollowed-out apples to hold votive candles for an especially festive look. Spiced apple cider will further compliment your theme.

* Carved pumpkins surrounded by sprinkled candy or Indian corn would make a bright idea for centerpieces. Write guests' names on small gourds as an alternative to place cards. Tie wheat to each napkin. Make the dance floor appear to be in the middle of a pumpkin patch, with life-size bride and groom scarecrows.

* For the wedding that occurs during the Halloween season, consider treating your guests to a masquerade ball. To decorate, use a variety of trick-or-treat bags to make each table centerpiece unique. Incorporate carved pumpkins into your buffet table design or use them to line the dance floor. Change solid white napkins into ghosts at each place setting. (To make: Stuff the napkin into a glass and add black dot sticker eyes.) Write guests' names on small masks and use as place cards. The conservative approach to this theme might be to allow the groomsmen to wear orange cummerbunds.

* Place sheaves of wheat with berries at pew ends. For an informal affair, tie them off with strips of burlap. For a more formal celebration, braid gold ribbon around the stems or spray the wheat with gold paint.

* Place flat-backed hanging baskets at pew ends. Fill with dried flowers, fruits and vegetables, leaving some to appear as if spilling from the basket.

* Explore carved veggies and fruits for pretty and practical purposes. There are how-to books available for creating everything from cucumber sharks to watermelon luminaries. Items such as oranges, pumpkins and squash can become unique serving dishes. Artichoke candleholders can also add a light touch.

* Light the way for your guests with carved pumpkins if you're getting married close to Halloween.

* Follow your rehearsal with a hayride and a bonfire. Set the stage by inserting strands of hay into the invitation envelopes. Roast marshmallows and hot dogs. Hire a square-dance caller and really swing your partners. Cowboy boots and jeans are a must.

* It's believed that Halloween apples can foretell the order in which a group of people will be married. Those participating are to tie an apple to a string and then begin turning it in circles around a fire. The apple that falls first belongs to the person who will marry first. The person whose apple remains the longest will remain single.

This fall no matter how you choose to celebrate your wedding, says Long, "to make a lasting impression, it is important that you find ways to make an occasion that's custom- fit to you and your groom."

Article by Maureen Burns, Courtesy of FeatureSource

Date added: 16 August 2012

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