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Stress Tips

  • Ensure you order enough food and drinks for everyone who will be attending, plus some additional in case of last minute arrivals.

  • Remember that asking friends and family to provide music, food, or any other service at the wedding may result in an awkward situation if things go wrong. Also, choose your bartender carefully. There are unfortunately there are some people who will either drink away your drink or give out over generous portions. This will eventually deplete your well stocked supply.

  • Make sure you eat before you leave for you big day. There is nothing worse than passing out mid way through the ceremony. Ensure all the bridesmaids have eaten as well.

  • Avoid if you can, having children under three years of age. Kids are gods' greatest creation but they are can also be a handful when they are too young. Even the best behaved kids forget!

  • Small problems can become large problems if you let them. Take a deep breath, sit down and remember that you are getting married to the person you love. Remember, no one will ever know the ballons are a different shade to the napkins.

  • Drinking, eating, applying make up or smoking is prohibited once your wedding gown goes on. If you have to drink, drink water via a straw or a non red drink.

  • Check your suppliers have the right address, date and time. Send them a map if the location is awkward to go to.

  • An emergency bridal or groom bag is an essential. This should contain HEADACHE tablets, tissues, comb, brush, makeup, mints and an extra pair of tights.

  • Ensure you Master of Cermonies(MC) know the order of events for the reception.

Date added: 01 August 2012

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