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Wedding Hymns

The choice of music helps to create the perfect atmosphere, whether it is something traditional or a personal favourite. All choices of music should be passed by the minister to make sure it won't offend anyone. It may be that your minister would rather the music was religious or he may let it be more modern, though you might want to think twice before having a rock band play in the pulpit!

At a church wedding, the music chosen should be suitable for playing on a church organ. You could have a tape or a quartet, but often you might find that an organ is the only instrument that is powerful enough to fill the church. If you would like to use any sort of recording equipment inside the church, agree it with the minister in advance of the wedding day. If you do decide on an organist, make sure he or she has at least a 20 minute repertoire to play as people are waiting for the bride to arrive.

We have all been to weddings where there is an awkward mumblings as the guests grapple with words they're not familiar with.

These are questions you need to ask yourselves before you start choosing the hymns for your wedding:
  • How many hymns are you having?
  • At what stage in the service will they be sung?
  • Are the hymns that you want well-known enough so that people will join in?
  • Do the hymns say the things you want?
  • Have you agreed with the organist which tunes you are having for the hymns? This is important because on many occasions a hymn is sung to the wrong tune and this can be very upsetting to the bride and the Groom.

we have complied a list of hymns to help you. We have also include a downloadable music file and the words to some of the hymns

Date added: 06 August 2012

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