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Types of Weddings

Civil Wedding

Registry Office in Wandsworth

Being able to marry just about anywhere is appealing to many couples. Not everyone wishes to marry in a religious building or in a registry office some people want to be more creative. Thanks to a change in the law, it is now possible to marry almost anywhere.
The Registrar General for England and Wales can provide you with a list of all the approved building, call them on 0151 471 4817. There is a small fee of £5.00(Jan 2002) but it is worth it because there are about 2500 listed buildings, these range from castles and hotels to gardens and museums.

If you wish to marry by civil ceremony, at a register office or other building approved for civil marriage, you will need to contact the superintendent registrar of the district where you wish to marry.
You may marry at any register office or approved premises of your choice in England or Wales.
Remember, although the venue where you may want to hold your wedding is an approved build, you will still need to make arrangement at the chosen venue. In addition, you will both need to personally give a formal notice of your marriage to the superintendent registrar of the district(s) where you live.

If you plan to get married outside the district in which you live, you will need to book well in advance with the superintendent registrar. You can not book more than three months in advance.

Certificate Marriage

This is where you are required to give your own local authority 21 days notice before the event. If you and your partner live in different districts you will need to apply to the registrars of both districts.

Licence Marriage

Licence marriage are more expensive because only one of you need to give notice even if you live in different district and your marriage can take place within 21day.

Please note: Photographs can not be taken during the ceremony.

Religious Wedding

If you wish to marry by religious ceremony you should arrange to see the minister or other person in charge of marriages at the building. However, the Church or religious building in question must normally be in the registration district where you or your partner live.
It will also be necessary for both of you to give formal notice of your marriage to the superintendent registrar of the district(s) where you live.
A registrar may also need to be booked from the Register Office in order to register the marriage.

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