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The Groom

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The groom As the groom, you will make the list of Wedding guests and go over it with your fiancee & family, as well as setting a wedding date with your fiancee.
Discuss who's paying for what with your fiancee & be responsible for inviting the people that you want in your wedding party (best man, ushers)
  • Go shopping with your fiancee to check out formal wear.
  • Choose gifts for the best man and ushers to hand out to them at the reception.
  • Select bride's wedding present if you are giving her something special in addition to her wedding ring.
  • Purchase the bride's wedding ring and have it engraved
  • Pay for the bride's bouquet, corsages for both mothers, and boutonnieres for the men
  • Apply for the marriage license.
  • Inform the wedding party about where and when the wedding rehearsal will be held.
  • Arrange for transportation from your home to the ceremony venue to the reception venue & your getaway vehicle
  • Pay the registrars fee.

      6 - 12 months
      • Announce engagement;
      • Meet with minister or registrar and book date and time;
      • Decide costs and budget in consultation with bride and both sets of parents if applicable;
      • Process any necessary paperwork and observe any necessary procedures as advised by vicar or registrar - reading of banns or applying for marriage licence;
      • Purchase engagement rings with bride if necessary;
      • Draw up guest list in consultation with bride and both sets of parents;
      • Select best man and ushers in consultation with bride;
      • Select reception venue and caterer, photographer, entertainer, florist, cake maker and transport in consultation with bride.

      4 - 6 months

      • Organise honeymoon;
      • Compile gift list in consultation with bride;
      • Mail Invitations and gift list details;
      • Arrange passport/visa if required.

      3 - 4 months

      • Organise own attire and inform male wedding party to co-ordinate;

      • Buy gifts for attendants;

      • Purchase wedding rings with bride;
      • Place firm orders with all suppliers.

      1 - 2 months

      • Obtain marriage licence or certificate of banns;
      • Discuss rehearsal preparations with bride;
      • Finalise any honeymoon arrangements i.e. accommodation; currency, inoculations

      • Pay for bride's and bridesmaids' bouquets;

      • Pay for day's transport;
      • Pay for registry office or church fees as required;
      • Write reception speech;
      • Visit GP for honeymoon inoculations if necessary;
      • Check the best man has performed duties he may be entrusted with e.g. write speech; order buttonholes; book transport, book first night destination; safeguard documents.
      • Select and Reserve the Men's Formal Wear
      • Arrange for the first fitting of Wedding Gown
      • Create a song list
      • Arrange Formal Portraits
      • Purchase gifts for:
        • Maid of Honour
        • Your Attendants
        • The Groom
        • Your Mother
        • Any special person who is making major contributions

        1 - 2 weeks

        • Attend rehearsal as arranged with minister;
        • Finalise arrangements with attendants;
        • Finalise Flowers and make arrangements for delivery
        • Have haircut;
        • Pack for honeymoon;
        • Break-in new shoes;
        • Confirm arrangements with all suppliers;
        • Attend stag night;

        Day before or week before

        • Make arrangements with best man to return wedding attire whilst away on honeymoon;
        • Get to bed early.

        On the day

        • Make time to have something nutritious to eat. You'll need the energy
        • Stop, sit back and take a deep breathe and absorb what's going on around you.
        • Let unavoidable last-minute changes be handled by someone else and don't fret.
        • Check luggage is taken to reception venue; If you plan to leave the same evening.
        • Give best man money to cover the day's expenses;
        • Check best man has ring, marriage licence/banns certificate, tickets, passports
        • Arrive at church half an hour early;
        • Check details with minister if necessary and hand over certificate of banns;
        • After ceremony, be first to leave for reception with bride.
        • Drink, taste, dance, Look into her eyes, Give her a private toast.
        • Hug your family.
        • Thank all who helped.
        • Include your new in-laws into your happiness and the limelight.
        • Laugh

        Reception duties

        • Participate in the receiving line;

        • Give speech and toast the bridesmaids;
        • Have first dance;

        • Circulate amongst guests;

        • At the end of the evening, depart for first night destination, remembering passports and tickets.

        After the honeymoon

        • Confirm with best man that attire has been returned;

        • Help write thank-you letters;

        • Choose and order photographs;

        • Ensure attendants are reimbursed for any expenses;

        • Visit family and friends.

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